Annual Budget Planner

Keep your finances under control with the Annual Budget Planner. Create budgets, track your expenses, keep an eye on your balance and save for what matters.
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Here’s how the Annual Budget Planner will help you regain control of your finances in 2024:

- Anticipate all your recurring expenses such as your rent, debts and subscriptions. From the start of the year, you have a clear vision of the exact amount available each month after paying your recurring expenses.
- You can categorize all your expenses to identify where your money is going. And your budget for each category will help you not to overspend since you will be able to know exactly how much you have spent in each category and how much you have left.
- In addition to a budget by category, you can set a total monthly budget and a monthly savings goal to be sure to keep money for the really important things, future projects and emergencies.
- Adding your expenses is done in seconds. In one click, you can generate a new expense then enter the amount, date and category.

This system helps you stay disciplined with your spending. By seeing your finances still in the green, your savings increasing and your expenses decreasing, you stay motivated and gain peace of mind.
And at the end of the year, you will be able to analyze all your expenses for the year, month by month and category by category in order to adjust your budgets for the following year. Of course, you can continue to use this system in 2025 and for as long as you want. It's yours for life, at no extra cost. There are instructions to help you setup a new year.

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